Yoga Training: All About Practicing Yoga At Home

Very simply put, home yoga training exposes you to the fundamentals of yoga – so that you can perform the basic mudras and asanas in order to attain the desired physical and emotional shape. There are organizations in Rishikesh that provide home yoga training to those willing to comprehend yoga in theory and in practice. As can be understood, practicing (and eventually mastering) the yogic skills amidst the unparalleled serenity of Rishikesh remains a thoroughly enriching experience in the true sense of the term.

What does your yoga trainer have to offer you?

With proper guidance from a credentialed institution you will not only be able to master yogic postures with ease but also keep stress at bay. The calm environment of Rishikesh – needless to say – appends to your endeavors.

Yoga Teacher Training India

Yoga Teacher Training India

As a student seeking guidance at home, you should be careful enough about creating a suitable ambience at home itself. The analytical approach of your trainer will definitely help you understand the complex subject (i.e. yoga) better. However, as a student you should take it upon yourself to ensure that he gets the right environment to teach you at the first place. So, start off by choosing a “happy” spot for yoga at your home.

What should you keep in view?

Since it’s our home we can be more flexible with our choice of the spot of practice. The place that you’re finally zeroing in on should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be peaceful
  • Not really surrounded by noise
  • You should have enough space to move around – and so should your trainer
  • Don’t end up bumping into chairs, tables etc

There are students who are very particular about not being commented on for their postures – of course, unless it’s their trainer who’s speaking. It is extremely important on your end to ensure that you’re not encroaching on anybody’s (in your family) personal space and vice versa.

Are you asking the right questions?

It is important to ask questions to your trainer at the first place. What is it that your body needs? Why exactly are you performing those exercises as suggested by your trainer? It’s great to perform yoga on a regular basis – it’s even better to ensure that you’re well aware of the purpose behind those postures – i.e. why you are performing them and how they are benefitting you.

The right accessories

Make sure you’re getting your Yoga accessories right. The right yoga mat, wrist bands and dresses are necessary. The yoga mat should preferably be non-slippery. Investing in a cheaper yoga mat might as well turn out to be overwhelming to start off with. However, you wouldn’t really like it every time your hands or legs are slipping while you’re in the process of learning or performing those postures. As such, investing with mats with due resistance towards slipping is only wise on your end. It is extremely important on your end to keep these points in view before you start home yoga training. The primer, we hope, has helped. Stay inspired. Keep practicing yoga!

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