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What is the connection between Tension and Apnea?

The human airways allow speech, breathing and swallowing. They are made of different kind if muscles and tissues and do not comprise any bony structure that allows them to be flexible. When this passage blocks or collapses during the sleep, it can cause loss in muscle tone or a defect in the framework such as fat accumulation in the area around tongue or the soft palate. This causes the person to choke during the sleep.tension

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How to Meditate More?

How to Meditate MoreMeditation requires strength and determination. It is for the same reason that many people cannot meditate for more than 2 minutes. Take a visit to any gym and you will see a line-up of meditation teachers supervising in class so that their children can meditate a little longer. However, it is found that it is not so easy to practice long sessions of meditation.

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