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Essential Oils: Holistic Health Benefits Guaranteed

Essential oils. What do they have to offer you? What are the holistic natural health benefits to be derived from these oils? You have seen these products being advertised online and on television. To say that they are used for healing purposes would be to generalize their “impact” on human health. Not until you’re educating yourself about the specific merits of essential oils would you be able to unravel the reason behind the wide acceptance of these oils. Today, we are just going to do that. Read on in order to find out more in this regard.

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The “happy” health oil: Exploring a few myths and lesser known facts about Olive oil

From preventing cancer to lowering cholesterol—the benefits offered by Olive Oil are too many to count. And, they’re unrivaled as well. The day breaks with newer information derived from scientific researches about this oil. It has become an integral part of urban kitchens in India but we are yet to toss out the myths that revolve around it. Easily available in the supermarkets and local grocery stores, this oil came in as an answer to all the concerns posed by the highly publicized commercial oils. The growing demand of this oil reinforces its credibility. Not only has it reinstated faith in cooking oils, it is the flag bearer of happy hearts all over the world. Here we initiate our efforts towards knowing “our health restoring friend” a little better.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Olive Oil | Top 10 Home Remedies

Olive Oil is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree which contains essential nutrients which are important for the human body. It is high in monounsaturated fats, helping lower your risk of heart disease, maintaining insulin levels and blood sugar control, and therefore cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes. Good-quality olive oil contains important vitamins and nutrients which are rich in antioxidants.

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