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To “henna” or not to “henna”?

Henna – more than anything else is associated with thick and healthy hair. This age-old herbal product has not lost its appeal in times when we are jumping from one synthetic shampoo or conditioner to the other. Henna powder dye makes for an integral part of modern hair care regime and not without reasons.

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The Various Types Of Natural Products And Why Should They Be Used?

With the very progress that the world id going through, one can be sure that almost each and everything is fast paced. Here nothing slow can exist for long. Sadly nothing good and natural can be found in the process of fast paced world.

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Natural Products: The Usage & Associated Health Benefits

herbs and botanical image

As the name suggests, the natural products are manufactured using naturally occurring substances. The main ingredients of these products are roots, stems and leaves of herbs along with minerals, vitamins, essential oils, sea water and several other substances.

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