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To “henna” or not to “henna”?

Henna – more than anything else is associated with thick and healthy hair. This age-old herbal product has not lost its appeal in times when we are jumping from one synthetic shampoo or conditioner to the other. Henna powder dye makes for an integral part of modern hair care regime and not without reasons.

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Advantages of Cacao powder

One of the favourite treat for many people especially during the cold months of winter is hot chocolate or cocoa that is prepared either by melting a block of chocolate in to milk or by using a ready-made hot chocolate mix. But those who are on the lookout for a healthier and better way of satiating your sweet tooth can opt for cacao powder as it has several health benefits. One of the major reason for cacao powder is a low calorie food that is packed with plethora of good things. Here are some of the health benefits of cacao powder that one wants to consider while including it on regular basis.cocoabeans
One of the major benefits of cacao is that it is packed with anti-oxidants called flavonoids which aid in fighting the free radicals in the body that accumulate as a result of toxins or exposure in our environment and diet. These comprise pollution pesticides, sun exposure, cigarette smoke and chemicals in household products and much more.
The free radicals can lead to several health troubles and can lead to serious illness, especially cancer. However, antioxidants help neutralise them and decreases the inflammation on the body. Researches have revealed that cacao was also found to have reduce the incidence of pancreatic and breast cancer when tested in laboratories. In addition, cacao is also rich in vitamins and minerals and help in meeting requisite deficiency in the body.

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Green Products Gaining Popularity

There are many green products that have popularity over the period of time and why not- the Mother Earth really needs to be compensated for the damage caused to her. Many researchers have identified green products are made with natural products and if dumped they do not cause any harm or damage to the surroundings and to the Earth.  Witnessing the results there are many individuals across the globe that have turned eco-friendly by adopting green products and many have set up exclusive ventures to provide high quality products to customers.

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