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Effective Measures for Eye Puffiness

If you suffer from eye puffiness and wants to get rid of that weird look then there are several things that you can do. Though you have alternative of make-up and artificial mask to add to your face but it will not heal the problem from root and will still persist and bother you once you peel off the layers. To avoid another day from starting in the same is to use these three simple and effective measures: –
bags-under-eyes-causesAlter your diet and involve exercise on daily basis
People usually recommend that sleep is the best cure in case you are suffering from eye puffiness however this is not the exact thing that your eye needs. Experts recommend that diet occupies important part and can lead to eye puffiness. Eat more vegetables and involve lean meat, fruits and bread in half that decreases the eye puffiness. Besides involve more and more water in your daily routine.
Zero in on skin care
Eating better and exercising more will eventually lead to better you but in keeping in sync with them you also need to boost your skin. Involve natural and herbal skin care product. Avoid using creams and moisturisers that are rich in chemicals and are harmful for your skin and eyes. Eye renewal creams can best help you.
Spare time for self-care
There may be time when you want to sit in silence or want to soak in water or want to go out for nice massage. All this implies that you should involve lot of time for self-care. Realise your bodily needs and attend them well.

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