How to Deal with Early Menopause?

menopauseMany women undergo menopause much before the age when it is supposed to take place. The early menopause can lead to several troubles in a woman. It can lead to depression, anxiety or can increase the irritation. If you are also suffering from early menopause and want to get rid of its aftermaths, then here are certain tips that you can follow to overcome the menopause blues and live a peaceful life:

Exercise, The bridge

bridge photo_0

Exercise is an unbeatable solution for woman suffering from early menopause. The bridge exercise is the perfect thing to begin your day with. Begin with breathing exercises and then gradually form a bridge with your feet on the mat and hip upwards and the upper half in an inclined position touching the floor. Stay in that position for a few seconds and repeat the process foe 20-30 times a day.

Healing Breath

healing breeathKeep your shoulders down and sit in a relaxed position to inhale through your nostrils in the lowest part of your lungs and watch your belly moving inward and out. Exhale completely before you inhale the next time. Repeat the process for 10 times a day.

Upward Facing a Dog

upward facing dog

Lie down on the mat and lift your shoulder and chest area and take it to the back. Hold this posture for at-least 30 seconds before resume the normal state. Repeat the exercise for at-least 20 times a day.

Be it any sort of depression, anxiety or irritation exercise is the best solution to overcome it. Involve these exercises in your daily routine and witness changes in your behavior and mood to great level.

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