Four Reasons Why You Feel Tired And Dull All The Time

In Appropriate Sleep

inappropriate sleep

One of the biggest problem that leads to low energy in your body is lack of sleep or under rest. At workplace you exhaust yourself both mentally and physically thus you need minimum of 8 hours.

Skipping Your Exercise

skipping your exerciseUndoubtedly, when you feel exhausted and tired you skip your regular exercise which further adds to your anxiety and frustration. Regular exercise boosts strength and endurance and improves the cardiovascular system and delivers oxygen and nutrients supply to the tissues.

Lack of Water

lack of water

If you are one of those individuals who drink less water in a day, then start consuming more from now in order to overcome your tiredness and dullness. Dehydration causes a reduction in blood volume which makes blood thicker. This causes heart to pump less efficiently and reduces the speed of the oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles and organs. Thus, to avoid this one needs to drink more water. Minimum of 7 litres of waters should be consumed during the day.

You do not Consume items Rich in Iron

foodOne of the biggest reason for tiredness is lack of iron in your body. An iron deficiency can leave you feeling sluggish, unfocused and weak. So boost your iron intake and reduce the risk of anemia. Load your platter with lean leaf, kidney beans, eggs and tofy. Dark green vegetables, nuts and peanuts and pair them with foods rich in vitamin C.

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