Feng Shui Consultants: Bringing Good Fortunes At Your Door Step

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which helps in harmonising different elements surrounding the environment. According to this ancient science, the harmony in different components of environment brings good fortunes. The literal meaning of this word is wind and water.

SL11653-3bull According to this science, nature is full of different forms of energy. It is mandatory to have perfect balance among these energies in order to attract lady luck. This is widely used in the dwelling places in order to attract better fortunes. Let us discuss the different elements of this ancient science.

The foremost element of Feng Shui is colour. According to the philosophy of this ancient science, colours possess energy. They can attract good as well as bad energy. So, proper harmony in them is essential as this brings good spirits. These good spirits come with the good fortune. This makes your dwelling place, a happy place to live. The colours do represent different elements of life i.e. metal, fire, wood, earth and water. Each of the colours is the representative of the element and contributes significantly in the constructive and destructive cycles. So, it is indeed recommended that there should be proper harmony among different colours in order to attract good fortunes. Let me discuss some of the colours which will help in bringing good fortunes. The green colour is widely used in order to get good health. This also helps in bringing balance to the family life. If you want to accelerate your career growth, then the blue colour will do this for you. The colour white will help and support you in the future endeavour.

fengshuitoadFeng Shui in the bedroom does affect your love life. So, you have to be very specific in order choosing the colour patterns in your bedroom. The Feng Shui consultants recommend avoiding the element of fire from the bedroom. Try to avoid colours like red, orange, strong yellow and purple as they manifest the element of fire. Also, don’t place the mirror in front of the bed as the reflective energy will act as a third party in the relationship.

The Feng Shui consultants also recommend that avoid placing plants in the bedroom. The reason for this is that they contain vibrant energy known as yang energy. This energy is not recommended for the bedroom. Moreover, the plants also release carbon dioxide during the night which is also not recommended for you.

There are several Feng Shui consultants who are rendering their services. This is definitely a good old ancient philosophy which can bring good fortunes for you. If someone is passing through a difficult time and the ship of his/ her life is not sailing smoothly, then it is recommended to take the help of these consultants. Their guidance will help in bringing harmony among different elements which are affecting his/ her life.

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