Effective Hair Care Regime

shampooing hair-cover (1)There are several article across the web that are full of hair care tips and how to grow your hair longer and healthier. However, there are only few people who suggest you correct ways to take care of your hairs. Ideally, there are many ways in which you can take care of your hairs as in pollution, dirt, stress, wrong eating habits and harmful hair treatments are the most common ones. Cosmetic solutions are not ideally preferred by customers due to their chemical content and prefer settling for homemade recipes and organic products. If your hairs are damaged and dull its time to give attention to them and time to change the look for a person for good.
Here are some healthy tips that you can try back home to keep yourself healthier and better:

  • Use a mild shampoo to wash your hairs and use it only twice a week. Owing to the constant
  • damage caused to the hairs, do not wash dry hairs instead apply some oil an hour before on the roots and then wash. In case you already have oils hairs then use gentle shampoo.
  • Do not rub your scalp coarsely while shampooing as it may damage the hair follicles
  • After washing, your hairs wrap them in cotton cloth instead in a towel as the fabric tends to damage the hair quality.
  • Massage your scalp often. This will help your blood move through it and will help your hair grow thicker.
  • Use conditioner as per the length of your hair. Rinse thoroughly to avoid any remnants on the follicles that wrecks the tresses.
  • Apply mashed banana and curd on your hair and wash it after 20 minutes
  • Do not use hot water to wash your hairs
  • Apply jojoba, olive oil and coconut oil on your scalp twice a week

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