Diet To Follow In Multiple Sclerosis

multiple scenarioBrowse online and you will find number of experts that have furnished a list of items and ingredients that ought to be included on daily basis if your suffering from multiple sclerosis. However, the fact is there is no such diet chart that has been designed that highlight that what all should be taken during MS in order to cure it. Although, there are certain items that can be included to thwart its impact on the body. Here is the list of items that can be included:

Involve plenty of Fiber

fibreMost of the MS patients suffer from constipation so involve more of fiber diet. Eat foods that are rich in fiber as in fresh fruits, lentils and vegetables. Whole grains also help in managing the bowel troubles.

Vitamin D

vitamin d

Food items rich in Vitamin D should be involved in the daily diet. People low on Vitamin D are vulnerable to MS and have more frequent relapses. Stock D fortified drinks like orange juice and milk in your refrigerator to increase the level of Vitamin D.

Lean Protein

lean proteinIntake of lean protein can help in overcoming the most challenging symptoms of MS: Fatigue. Involve fish especially salmon, tuna, sardines and herring in your diet. Besides, good skinless chicken and turkey or lean meats are rich in protein.

All these items are helpful in overcoming MS but one should strictly banish intake of caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, sugary fat and saturated snacks.

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