Decorate Your Home With Vastu Shastra

In modern times people lay great emphasis on home décor and look for beautiful options to add beauty to their house. But is it only beauty that is what one strives for? What about peace and prosperity? Have you ever contemplated on the thought of beauty and prosperity? Many think that these two things are not co-related but it is not the case.

Vastu Shastra For HomeWhen it comes to home décor, the way one manages or decorates internal settings is greatly responsible for peace and prosperity of the individual. Thus many people give a lot of attention to home décor and associate it with Vastu Shastra to bring peace and happiness in the home. Involve a few of things below to generate beautiful and peaceful ambience-

Kul Devata Idol

If you have a Kul Devata then hanging a picture of the idol right at the entrance door is considered auspicious. The size of the photo should not be more that 18 inches in length.

Two Prathiharis

The entrance door or the main door should be decked up with two guards that bear swords in their hands and are well-dressed. They should be placed at both the sides of the door.

Sentinels or Guards

One should also hand the idol of sword bearing staff that are well decked and are glowing with beauty with Lady Prathiharinis and are placed on either side of the door.

Residential VastuDo Not Do

Many people hang images of many birds and snakes that should not be displayed. One should not kep pictures of birds like vultures, pigeon, crow and eagle. Images of beastly animals like those of tigers, bears, jackals, wild asses and hounds should also be avoided greatly.

Important Things To Keep At House

One should keep important symbols of Swastik, Om, Rangoli at the entrance of the door to avoid the evil spirits in the house. One can also place images of the family ancestors but it should only be on the western side of the house. In addition wall clock should be placed either on the eastern wall or on the western wall.

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