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Be Cautious of These Signs of Dehydration

dehydration_s5_sweatOur bodies comprise lot of water. In adult male, it is 60 per cent while in ladies it is 55 per cent. Imagine what will happen if the water level goes down significantly and different types of problems arise. It is like whether you are physically active or dormant, you tend to get dehydrated in daily routine. But how to know that your body is dehydrated. Here are certain signs that will help you assess the dehydration in your body.
Hungry most of the time: If you are hungry most of the time then do not mistake it with that you are famished. This is also a sign that your body is drained. If you are hungry it will happen gradually not suddenly. If you are hungry suddenly you can reach out to a glass of water instead for a meal.
Sweet Tooth: Many people witness craving for sweet food items. But this is again a sign that your body is dehydrated and need water. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar reach out to food items rich in water like water melon.
Dry Skin: Dry scalp or skin is also a clear indication of water loss in the body. Drink enough water when you find flaky scalp or patchy and dull and dry skin. Dry skin is more prone in summer so involve food items that are high in water content and drink lots of water.

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Ways To Avoid Dehydration And Its Aftermaths

dehydrationDo you often encounter trouble of dehydration? It just takes 1.5 times of water to reduce and you are already on the tipping point of mild dehydration. Almost 60 percent of human body is made of water. Getting low on water may not only make you feel thirsty but may also lead to other issues like dehydration, fatigue, smelly breath and distracted driving. If you want to get rid of any of the troubles highlighted above then it is advisable to follow some important tips below:

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