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Winter Salad Recipes That You Can Try At Your Home

If you are tired of eating the same type of food over and over again and want to add something exciting, then a bowl full of salad can really help you to great extent. A bowl full of winter salad is something you can really try this winter. This is not only food for your taste buds but also for your skin and body.

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Food Items Those Your Nutritionists Would Never Want You To Do


You really have to let go off that extra cheese sandwich and mindless chip munching habit if weight loss is something you have pledged this New Year. Whether you are a working professional or a house person if you are willing to reduce weight you have to be mindful of many aspects and have to follow a set pattern on regular basis. For the same if you seek nutritionist’s assistance and hope her to spin a magic wand to get you what you want then that will surely not happen. There is a list of items that your nutritionist wants you to eliminate from your food list. Here are certain important food items that you have to completely omit if weight loss is all you wish in 2016:-

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