Losing Body Weight is Easy

Following a healthy lifestyle can give you guaranteed weight loss. Just you need to check what you do usually. What you do is what you are?

For last few years I have read hundreds of health tips that control our weight. Such articles are very popular on every weight loss or fitness website. They also upload regular updates with seasonal tips. I decided to write best extracts of those hundreds of pieces that could effectively help you in understanding all the aspects of weight reducing processes such as impacts of dieting, regular exercises, lifestyle, and motivations. Sometimes, it is seen, a small change in our lifestyle results in the better fitness of our body.

For easy understanding of healthy lifestyle, I have broken my thousands words article in small-small pieces to give you daily updates.

Here I am writing food tips essential for weight loss in the winter season.

Switch to seasonal flavors

When we feel physically cold, what sounds better: a bowl of soup or a chilled salad? We know Seasional Flavoursour body better than we think. Eating salad in a physically cold body is a challenge able task. The food suitable to reduce our weight in summer season can cause a severe health problem in the winter season. Some study suggests to just focusing on the seasonal and local foods that taste better. Eating dense root vegetables, hearty winter greens and quality animal products can help you shaping your body. Herbs and warm spices can also be used to sustain your energy.

Drink enough water in a healthy schedule

Every fourth person used to claim drinking enough water can help us reducing weight.  This is wateruniversally true if that’s taken on a proper schedule.

We need to avoid drinking water from half an hour before consuming meal till one hour after consuming a meal. Drinking sufficient water just before half an hour and after one hour after eating a meal can boost our body metabolism by 20% to 25%. In winter you can avoid drinking chilled water and opt to drink boiled water. Some wrong notions suggest that drinking chilled water in winter can damage your digestive system it’s just a myth.

Some study suggests that an adult healthy body should drink 4 to 5 liters water for being healthy.

Drink Green tea or black coffee

In winter season who will not like take tea or coffee? Quality coffee is loaded with proper antioxidants that can give you many health benefits. Some study suggests caffeine present in coffee increases our metabolism activities by 4% to 10% which increase burning fats by 15% to Green Tea25%. Jus we need to avoid adding high-calorie ingredients such as sugar in a higher amount.

Some people preferably like tea. I would like to suggest them to switch over to green tea. Green tea in every aspect is not less effective than coffee. It is loaded with caffeine as well as a powerful antioxidant. The mixer of these two ingredients synergistically helps you in burning your body fats.

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